Marching Band Parent Information

Lake Park Marching Band Financial and Time Commitment Schedule - Available upon request from Mr. Lehman.

Important Documents

Information for Band Trips 

- Meals and Housing, Cell Phones, What to Pack, Parent Wear, Parent Expectations

Meals and Housing  

Send food for dinner on the departure trip, or meet the bus before it leaves LP West and drop it off.  Combining with several parents to handle this can be helpful, (like a lunch car pool)! 

Speaking of car pool, try and drive to competitions with others, saves gas and doubles the fun.  The rest of their meals will be provided. 

On the trips, your child will be fine; there are a lot of chaperones.  Please sign up with Tom Hollatz at  to be a chaperone on one or more trips with the band.

We stay in schools not only to save money, but also to provide your child a safe, controlled environment.

They will have ample time to do homework.

Cell Phones on Band Trips

Students need to be listening to the staff, doing homework, or sleeping!  Allow Mr. Pyter and the staff to control communications during trips. Do not try to reach your child to give them scores. If for any reason you need to contact your child during the trip, you will have emergency contact numbers that will provided on the Trip Sheet.  If a cell phone is brought it will be collected and held by the staff until we return to LP West.

What to pack? 

When your child receives a Trip Sheet (a sheet that details the times and places involved in the trip) they will also receive a “What to Pack list”.  This is very detailed and really covers everything he will need.  Remember, your child has to carry his own luggage, as well as his own instrument.  It is very important that band shoes need to be packed on top.  They will need to be OUT to show them before boarding the bus.  It wastes time to have students rifling through their luggage to find them.  (Trip Sheets are posted on the Marching Band page of the web site before the trip.)

Parent Wear

When attending the competitions:  Always wear your Lake Park blue and try to sit as a group so that when our band comes out on to the field they can see a sea of blue cheering for them.  We do try to sit at the 50 yard line, although this can be difficult (all the other bands want to also!).  It is so great when the band can say “I saw you guys”!  There is an entrance fee to all competitions; this is their fundraiser.  They usually range about $10.00 per adult for local high school competitions. (See specific local competition details for information on family rates.) Bands of America ticket prices vary, see BOA information for specific competitions.

Parent Expectations

Let’s Stand Up and Cheer! We have a proud heritage at Lake Park. We are gracious in victory and in defeat.  We show respect and admiration to all for a job well done.  Please be quiet during the performances. Lake Park has an excellent reputation and we need to continue to lead by example.  We do not always understand what the judges see, but always be a good sport.  Your child will follow your lead.

When traveling and around town during competitions, remember that you are an ambassador of Lake Park High School.